When we opened the doors of Mayahuel in 2009 it was very nearly named “La Verdad”, meaning the truth. We believed it was high time New York City had an establishment to correct people’s misconstrued notions about agave spirits from Mexico. That agave spirits weren’t just something to be put in a margarita, but something capable of driving a cocktail program on par with the best spirits and bars in the world. That Tequila wasn’t just a shot but one of the most complex spirits on the planet; and one better sipped, enjoyed, and savored than utilized as no more than a means to an end. That Mezcal was an even more complex spirit and should be the focus of our beverage program. That we did not want to be just a cocktail bar, no, we wanted to also share with our guests the fantastic tipples of Mexico, complimented by the best of Mexican fare as well.

You will not hear us brag about the number of Tequilas we carry, we do not carry hundreds or even a hundred, in fact we have never counted them on principle. We only carry those Tequilas we feel are created with great Tequila in mind rather than big business and marketing strategies. We pride ourselves not on how big our selection is but how well we utilize the selection we have.

On the other hand we are proud to say that our selection of Mezcals has nearly quadrupled since we opened our doors, from a mere twelve to over forty. We have Mezcals made with ten to twenty varietals of Magueys, and we would like to think our foray into the agave spirits industry may have helped nuture what is most likely the fasted growing spirits industry in the United States: Mezcal over the past five years.

Our cocktail menu features upwards of 50 cocktails with all pallets in mind: From those walking through our door for the first time and unaware that such a thing as the oldest distilled spirit in the Americas (Mezcal) actually exists, to those who have been through our doors many times over the years in there endless pursuit of new ways to enjoy the finest spirits of Mexico.

Our Chef, Vincent Gonzalez, has been diligently feeding New York City some of the best Mexican food this side of the border since we welcomed our first Guest, and continues to serve great food that not only respects the traditions of Mexican kitchens but also includes innovation that has kept our guests returning for old favorites or our weekly dining specials.

Though we were honored to win Best New Cocktail Bar in the World at Tales of the Cocktail in 2010, we are not just a cocktail bar, or a restaurant for that matter. Mayahuel is a place for people to not just eat and drink but to experience through our drinks, food, design, music, and most importantly our love of Mexico, the spirit of Mexico while enjoying the greatest spirits of Mexico!

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