History of Nespresso Machines

Nespresso is a well-known brand for its different kinds of coffee capsules that are used in the Nespresso Machine. A Nespresso Machine can make shots of espresso with the use of the coffee capsules. The coffee capsules that Nespresso made come in different variety of flavors for you to choose from. This is to allow you to enjoy a shot of espresso where you don’t have to do a lot of preparation. The name Nespresso may sound similar to the well-known brand Nestle. This is because Nestle is the main owner of Nespresso.

We all know that Nestle is a brand known for its milk. Now they have produced different kinds of products where we get to enjoy. You can find Nestle products everywhere in the world. But how did Nestle created Nespresso? And what was the reason behind it?

Nestle products started with a simple can of condensed milk where they distribute in most parts of Europe. But they did not start with the name Nestle, they started with the name Milkmaid Brand an Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk. Then it was named Nestle after the name of the founder, Henri Nestle. They, later on, made milk that can be consumed by infants who can’t be breastfed. As the years go by, the development of their milk products reached the entire world. This is the reason why we now have different varieties of milk that are produced by nestle. We get to enjoy a decent cup of cappuccino because of the milk that Nestle made. Thanks to technology, the enhancement in making milk have been easier.

After the milk, Nestle created chocolates and coffee. These are two of the most famous products that this brand ever made. And since there are a lot of people who are consuming coffee in huge amounts, Nestle decided to make a machine to make it easier for its consumers to enjoy a decent cup of coffee. Nespresso Machine was inspired by Luiggi Bezzera’s Espresso coffee concept. The first Nespresso machines were first launched and tested in Switzerland, Japan, and Italy.

It was a trial and error during the first few years since the launch of the Nespresso Machines. The Nespresso company even had exclusive and personalized customer services to make sure that every customer they have can use the machine properly. Through the years, the Nespresso machine made it to an international airline. The machine was installed on Swissair for the 1st class brand exposure. And this was done to market the amazingness of the Nespresso machine as it continues to serve great quality espressos.

One year after its airline installment, the Nespresso company was the first to showcase the coffee expertise and product on the internet. This is to promote the good use of Nespresso machines and how easy will it be to have your espresso machine at home. Since then, the sales of the machine in Europe went up and went on across the world. This is because of the help of the internet and whenever people order, they have the free shipping privilege if they meet the minimum requirements of their orders; most especially for their coffee capsules.

The coffee capsules are the soul of the Nespresso Machine. Because it holds the caffeine that is responsible for making the espresso that everybody loves. They come in different flavors so that you will have a lot to choose from and have different flavors every day.

For those people who are into the Nespresso Machine can avail a membership where they can interact with the other Nespresso machine users. The members will also be able to get exclusive promotions and special flavors of the Nespresso Capsule. Also, they will get exclusive services for their machine when it comes to maintaining their performance. The membership is categorized in three different areas: Silver Club, Gold Club, Platinum Club.

In the early 2000s, Nespresso launched its Limited-Edition Grand Cru. The machine has a classy look where they took full advent age of the modern technology and ergonomic design. This made it easier for them to boost up their sales as the machine has a striking look and very easy to use. Because of the advancement of the technology used in making a shot of espresso and great tasting coffee, Nespresso became the Official Coffee of the 32nd America’s Cup. This is a prestigious contest in the coffee world where different brands come together and showcase how their machines work and deliver the best tasting coffee. They even made George Clooney, a Hollywood Superstar, as the brand ambassador for Nestle Nespresso.

The popularity of the Nespresso brand found its way in opening a flagship boutique in Paris where the Lattissima Machine is introduced. This is one of the first one-touch technology that allows you to make your shot of espresso with a press of a button. The launching of this machine will also make it easier for you to make espresso-milk-based drinks with special coffee recipes.

Due to the popularity of Nespresso machines, they have collaborated with different brands worldwide to create an espresso machine that is easy to use by many. There are some coffee machine and espresso machine brands that partnered with Nespresso to create the best kind of espresso and coffee machine that anyone can have.

Nespresso Boutiques are slowly spreading worldwide where different countries can enjoy the way the Nespresso Machine creates their espresso. The retail selling of the machine was also accelerating. Most especially during the launch of the Pixie Nespresso Machine. This machine is one of the best-selling machines that Nespresso ever released. Because of its small and compact feature that ca still deliver the best tasting espresso that you can get.

Nespresso solidified its global coffee leadership because they always reinforce its milk expertise with the world. This made the brand one of the best espresso machine brands where people can have the highest quality of espresso and espresso-based coffee they can get.

Nestle Nespresso is using the best coffee beans in the world and compresses them in the capsule. This is to assure that everyone will be able to get the full aroma and richness of the coffee as they make their shot of espresso.

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