Buyer’s Guide to pick the Best Nespresso Machine


We all have heard about the different kinds of machines used in making coffee. Different brands offer coffee makers, espresso machines, and the Nespresso machine. Each of the machines has its way of preparing your favorite cup of coffee or a shot of espresso. it will depend on what kind of coffee that you are into. One of the most famous machines is the nespresso maker. When we hear the word “Nespresso” we automatically think about the coffee capsules.

There are a lot of people who prefer Nespresso Machines because they are very easy to use and you don’t have to do a lot of work. The coffee capsules and the machine will do all of the work for you. The tasks that you will only be doing is to refill the water tank, insert the coffee capsule, and press the button. And that’s about it. No sweat in making your first shot or cup of coffee in the morning. Nespresso machines are perfect for those people who are always on the run or always in a hurry to get to school or work.

There are different types of Nespresso machines in the market all you need to do is to get to know each one of them better. But if you are a bit lazy in going to the store and check the machine individually, there are also other ways of choosing the best one for you.

How to buy Nespresso Machine

Price range/budget

Whenever we purchase anything we always set a spending limit. This is for us not to burn our wallets as well. Most especially when it comes to purchasing a Nespresso Machine. This is because Nespresso Machines can be expensive, depending on the kind of Nespresso Machine that you will be choosing. What’s best for you to do is to a little bit of research about the different kinds of Nespresso Machines and their prices. It will be then easier for you to set how much you want to spend on the machine that can make you a decent shot of espresso in the morning.


Appliances, gadgets, and other electronic devices always come with a warranty. This is to make sure that everyone will be satisfied with the performance of the product they bought. Usually, the warranty that is given to an electronic device is 6 months to 3 years. And this will depend on the kind of device that you will be using. Also, don’t forget to read the warranty rule. Because every brand has a different ruling when it comes to the warranty they give. Either they offer a replacement or fixing the item in a certain period.

Size and style

Once you are settled with the budget and the type of warranty that you will need for your machine, the next thing you need to consider is the style and size. The style will depend on the size of the machine that you will be purchasing. Because not all kitchen countertops look the same for every household. This is why with the Nespresso Machines there are different sizes and styles for you to choose from. Most of the Nespresso Machine styles are sleek and presentable. This is to make sure that every kitchen will look good with a Nespresso Machine as part of the kitchen set.

Water tank

Every Nespresso Machine has a water tank to complete the process in making your shot of espresso or espresso-based drink. There are different sizes of the water tank for you to choose from. But this will always depend on the size of the machine that you will be getting. But remember to choose a water tank that can be removed from the machine itself. This is for cleaning purposes. Because some machines are hard to clean because of the huge water tank blocking the way.

Type of capsule being used

The heart of the Nespresso Machine is the coffee capsules. But did you know that there are also different types of coffee capsules? Some can be reused and some are disposable. Before purchasing a machine, you better read the capsule-compatibility of the machine. During the first few years of the Nespresso Machine, they only have the one-time-use capsules. But now they have reusable capsules.

Drink preference

Every machine has its specialty. It is known that the Nespresso Machine uses the coffee capsule. And each flavor of the coffee capsule has different kinds of ingredients and the type of capsule is used. Before purchasing a machine, be sure to read the description of its compatibility. This is to assure you that you will be able to get your drink preference. You don’t want to put your machine and coffee capsule to waste if they are not compatible with each other.

With or without a milk frother

Some drinks require milk and there are some don’t. This will depend on your preference as a coffee drinker. There is milk-based espresso such as cappuccino and latte. You can adjust the frothiness of your milk however you want if you have a milk frother with your Nespresso machine. If you love a cup of cappuccino, you better get a Nespresso Machine with a milk frother for it to be convenient for you to create your favorite cup of cappuccino. But if not, you will still have a lot of machine options that don’t come with a milk frother.


There are some Nespresso Machines that are small enough for you to carry whenever you go for a picnic. Or if you live in a small apartment, it will fit right in perfectly in your tiny kitchen. This will depend on the size that you will be choosing. Because some small machines are also a bit heavy and some are light enough for you to carry around or easily move from one place to another.

With ground coffee or just pure Nespresso Capsules?

It has been mentioned that there are two kinds of coffee capsules; single-use and reusable capsules. The single-use capsules contain the different ingredients fused in one capsule and sealed with an aluminum cover. Once you are finished making your espresso with it you can easily toss this capsule away. But since it contributes to environmental pollution, Nespresso decided to create the reusable capsule. The great advantage of this is that you can use your coffee beans and place it inside the reusable capsule. This way you will no longer have to worry about disposing of a lot of capsules anymore. But there are still people who prefer using single-use because of its ready-made infused coffee ingredients. And the consistency of the taste of the shot or cup of drink that you will be making.

Benefits of having your Nespresso Machine

A consistent quality of espresso

Have you ever tried ordering a very specific drink in a coffee shop and they messed it up? Having your own Nespresso Machine will assure you that you will get your drink exactly the way you wanted. The only thing that you will be doing is to choose the right flavor of the coffee capsule and place it inside the machine. The Nespresso Machine is already programmed on what to do with your drink and it exactly knows how to do it the way you want it. And since you are already in the comfort of your home, if you want to tweak your drink a bit, you can do it however you want.


Standing in a long line waiting to have your drink ordered is such a waste of time. One of the best benefits of having your Nespresso Machine is that you will be able to get your drink instantly. Even right after you wake up, all you need to do is to press the button of the machine and wait for it to finish dripping. The advanced version of the Nespresso machine even has a program where it automatically makes your drink at a specific time of the day. Just have it connected to your phone and set a schedule and the machine will do its job.


If you are always rushing in the morning and have no time to go to the coffee shop, a Nespresso Machine can always save you. You allow the machine to do its job by making your drink while you are busy getting ready for school or work.


The different flavors of the coffee capsules allow you to have different varieties every day. Discovering new flavors will excite you in making your shot of espresso.

Final take

Making your shot of espresso is always easy with the use of a machine. This is because of lesser human effort in having your favorite shot every day. Choosing the right kind of machine is fun and exciting most especially for those who are new to the coffee making world. A few research and testing will do the trick to help you decide which machine suits you.

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