Nespresso Machine Top Brands

Nespresso has been in the espresso industry for more than 30 years. They created different kinds of machines to meet different people’s preferences and needs when it comes to their love for espresso. The brand Nespresso is known for its coffee pods or capsules that contain the highly caffeinated ingredients that make up your espresso.

As time goes by, Nespresso partnered with the other different coffee machine brands like DeLonghi, Krups, and Madgimix. Together, they were able to manufacture high-quality machines that deliver good tasting espresso and other espresso-based drinks. These brands are the top brands in the coffee machine industry. Each of the brands has its top on the line machine series that people love.

Here are the top brands of Nespresso machines and their corresponding type:


Nespresso Creatista Plus Espresso Machine by DeLonghi – Creatista Plus Espresso Machine is one of the advanced types of machines that Nespresso-DeLonghi created together. It has a premium design that will look good in any kitchen. Its versatile features allow you to create 8 different beverages in one machine. Through its LCD screen, you can easily choose what kind of drink you want to make. You can also see the status of the drink that the machine is making. Once the machine is in idle time for 9 minutes, it will automatically shut off to save power. And if you are a cappuccino lover, you have the freedom to adjust the milk temperature in 8 different settings and its frothiness in 8 different texture levels. The 3 second heating time of this machine allows make many cups of espresso and cappuccino as possible. With the help of the 19-bar high-pressure pump, you will be sure that you will get all of the caffeine content in the capsule to have that great-tasting espresso that you love.

Nespresso Inissia by DeLonghi – The small structure of the Nespresso Inissia Is convenient for those people who are living in a small space apartment. The barista grade of this machine will make you feel as if you are a professional barista making your shot of espresso. It has a 19-bar pressure pump that can be adjusted according to your preference. With the help of the one-touch system of this machine allow you to make a shot of espresso in less than 25 seconds. With this speed in heating water will make you 9 single-served coffee cups without the worry of refilling the water tank consistently. Another thing about this machine is that you can adjust the drip tray to accommodate different cup sizes. These sizes are for the espresso shots and for the cappuccino and latte that you will be making. Because some machines have a fixed dripper tray where you will have to watch over the dripping process so that it won’t spill. Just like any Nespresso products, this machine comes with a complimentary gift of Nespresso capsules.

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine by DeLonghi – If you are looking for a Nespresso machine that makes pure espresso without the milk, the Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine by DeLonghi is the one for you. It has a 19-bar high-pressure bar that can be adjusted according to our coffee texture preference. And just like most of the Nespresso machines, this machine also has a 25s heating time for you to serve more cups in a short time. Similar to the Nespresso Inissia, this machine’s drip tray can also be adjusted according to the cup size or the kind of drink that you will be making. Espressos are known to be placed in a smaller cup that has the same size as a shot glass. And a cappuccino is served in mugs, mugs of various sizes. The accuracy of the serving size is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to making beverages. This is why the adjustable drip tray feature of this machine is the reason why it is special.

Silver Lattisima Plus Nespresso System Capsule by DeLonghi – The Silver Lattisisima Plus Nespresso System Capsule is another Nespresso Machine perfect for those who love cappuccinos and lattes. This is because it comes with a detachable milk frother. A milk frother is responsible for the creamy texture of your cappuccino and latte. For you to achieve the different frothiness level of your milk, this milk frother has an adjustable switch so that you can experiment with the texture of your milk. What’s great about the milk frother of this machine is that if you have extra milk, you can always preserve it and place it in the refrigerator and use it the next time you will be making coffee. And just like most of the Nespresso machines, this machine also has the 19-bar high pressure which is responsible for the caffeine consistency in your drink. If you are into cold and hot coffee drinks, this machine has a thermoblock heating system. It is responsible for the heating system and cooling system of your drink. The heating ability of this machine can be adjusted according to the appropriate temperature of the kind of drink that you will be having.

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by DeLonghi – Nespresso Vertuo Evuluo Machine comes with an Aeroccino, which is a milk frother. This machine is only compatible with the Vertuo Line capsules. It has a smart operating system where it reads the barcode under the rims of the capsule for the machine to know what kind of drink it will make. What’s great about this machine is that you don’t have to do a lot of work. What you will be doing is just to refill the water tank, insert the coffee pod, and press the button then your drink will be served in a few minutes.


Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 – This machine has a lot of coffee ranges that allow you to make your cup of coffee in any size you want. Magimix Vertuo Plus M600 is the perfect machine for those people who love bitter coffee. Because the Nespresso Vertuo Line is known for its stronger caffeine concentration. This is a perfect machine for espresso lovers. However, this machine doesn’t come with a milk frother. What it can give you his a freshly pulled espresso right out from the coffee pods that you installed. The Nespresso Vertuo Pods are compatible with this machine. Upon purchasing, this machine will come with 12 different coffee pod flavors. Experiencing different flavors allow you to expand your coffee taste and preference.

Magimix Nespresso Expert M500 – Magimix Nespresso Expert M500 has a unique built compared to the other kinds of Nespresso machine. There are a lot of machines that require you place in one corner. This machine is wider compared to the other Nespresso machines where you can perfectly place it by the wall. The wide features of this machine are perfect for a small countertop. Even though the machine is wide it is still the ideal Nespresso machine for a small spaced apartment. What’s great about this machine is that with any capsule that you will be using you can make a nice cup of Lungo or Americano. With a push of the button, you will be able to have any kind of beverage in a size of your choice.

Magimix Prodigio – If you are a cappuccino lover or an artist who loves to do a lot of creativity with your latte art, Magimix Prodigio is the perfect machine for you. It comes with an Aeroccino milk frother where you get to control the frothiness of the milk you want to add to your espresso. And thanks to modern technology, the machine can be connected to your smartphone via a smartphone app that will notify you of the condition of your machine. Whether you need to refill the water tank, clean the capsule bin and when to descale. It also keeps a record of how many coffee capsules or pods that you’ve used. This machine can also set a scheduled time for it to make your beverage. All you have to do is set the schedule and the machine will automatically make your drink for you. One perfect way to wake up is to have a ready-made cup of coffee without you making it.


Krups Essenza Mini – Krups Essenza Mini is the perfect Nespresso Machine for those who are living in a small space apartment. It has an energy-saving mode where after 9 minutes of idle time, it will automatically shut off. And the hand interface of this machine allows you to program 2 coffee selections which are the espresso and the lungo operating system. With its 19-bar high-pressure pump, you will be able to extract all of the coffee goodness from the coffee pod. Since this machine is small, it will be easier for you to clean and move from one place to another.

The brands mentioned above are just a few of the many brands that Nespresso partnered with. If you are looking for the best and the convenient one to have in your home or your office, take another look at each of the products on the list. Nespresso machines are known for their ease of use. And this is the reason why there are a lot of people enjoy the taste of the espresso that their machine makes


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