Best Nespresso Machine – A Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to buy nespresso machine? You are in the right place because our experts reviewed 78 machines on market and bring you the list of the 7 best nespresso machines currently on the market!

Coffee has been a part of our morning routine. We wake up, get out of bed, and make our selves a cup of coffee. But sometimes a cup of joe is never enough most especially for those people who are always on the go and who has been drinking coffee multiple times a day. A shot of espresso is a strong and concentrated coffee drink. There are also different kinds of espresso-based drink and you surely have ordered this more than you think. Cappuccino and Latte are espresso-based drinks that can also have different kinds of flavors.

If you think that these drinks are just ordinary coffee drinks, think again. There are so many drinks that you can make with a single shot of espresso. Its high coffee concentration allows you to mix and experiment with different kinds of drinks and make a new one. This is why espresso machines come in handy for those who are espresso enthusiasts. But if you are looking for an espresso machine that specializes in espressos, you might want to know more about a Nespresso Machine. The name of the machine may sound familiar, Nespresso. This is because Nespresso is made by the famous brand Nestle.

Nestle is a brand known for its different kinds of food products. We have been enjoying the different kinds of nestle products ever since we can remember. And one of the products that we consume is their coffee. There are different kinds of coffee products that Nestle distributes. And since everyone is loving coffee and slowly converting themselves from consuming an instant coffee to making themselves a cup of a freshly brewed coffee. People love brewing their cup of joe and pulling themselves a fresh shot of espresso.

Because the taste and aroma from a freshly grounded bean are different from the instant coffee that we used to enjoy. A coffee shop quality espresso and a cup of coffee is the standard that we are looking for nowadays since coffee shops can be found everywhere. People are buying different kinds of coffee machines. The most familiar one is an espresso machine because it can make a shot of espresso and espresso-based drinks. But if you are into pure espressos, a Nespresso machine is the one for you.

What is a Nespresso Machine?

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way of making your favorite shot of espresso? A way where you will no longer have to worry about setting up the different kinds of ingredients together. The answer to all your wonders is a Nespresso Machine. A Nespresso machine is an espresso machine for people who are always on the go and still want to have coffee that has a strong kick. If you are wondering what a Nespresso is, it is an espresso machine that is very easy to use.

The difference between this machine and an espresso machine are the coffee pods. Coffee pods are capsulated coffee that has a high caffeine concentration that is placed in a small plastic container and sealed by an aluminum sheet on top of it. These capsules or pods are inserted in the Nespresso machine and with a touch of a button, you will be able to have your shot of espresso in no time. The machine uses a certain kind of pressure to extract the contents from the coffee capsule or coffee pod. You can adjust the pressure depending on the machine.

The usual bar pressure of an espresso machine is 15, but for machines with more power, it can go up to 19. These pressure bars are adjustable so that you will still be able to achieve the right kind of texture that you prefer. If you are into cappuccinos and lattes, some machines come with a milk frother or an Aeroccino frother. These milk frothers are responsible for making your milk fluffy as you pour them into your espresso. There are different levels of milk frothing, depending on the setup that your frother has.

Why you should buy a Nespresso Machine

There are so many reasons why you should buy a Nespresso. The main reason why you should buy one is that a shot of espresso can make you productive throughout the day. And caffeine is our best friend, most especially during breakfast time. Coffee also has a lot of health benefits that it can give you. A shot of espresso is all you need to keep yourself productive and every day. Below are the benefits and the reasons why you should buy a it.

Quality espresso

Manually pulling a shot of espresso can sometimes be very tricky. You need to know the exact way of operating an espresso machine. And usually, it is a trial and error process before you will be able to reach the taste that you desire. But with a Nespresso Machine, all you have to do is to choose a coffee pod or coffee capsule with the flavor of your choice, place it inside the Nespresso machine and the machine will do the job for you. The quality of the espresso that a Nespresso machine will always be accurate because it is programmed to extract the right amount of water and milk that combine with the coffee pod.

Consistent texture

It is already mentioned that the Nespresso machine is already programmed to do what it is supposed to do. Unlike the espressos that you get from coffee shops, the taste will never be consistent. This is because of their way of brewing the beans or the way they prepare everything. But with a Nespresso Machine, the contents inside the capsule are measured according to its flavor. And since the Nespresso machine is programmed to extract the coffee capsule with the right ratio of milk and water, the texture of the espresso will be consistent every time you make one. All you have to worry about is to choose which coffee pod flavor you will be using. There are so many flavors to choose from in the market. The best way to choose your favorite is to try all of the flavors as much as you can.


Going to a coffee shop every day can be a hassle for us. Because we have to wait in line for us to order the shot of espresso that we need. And sometimes it can take a little longer before we receive our order. But if you have a Nespresso Machine at home, you will no longer have to wait in line and have your drink wrong. With a simple touch of a button, you will be able to have your drink in seconds. You will also save tons of money if you have a Nespresso Machine at home. Maye if you accumulate all of the money you spent on every shot you bought from a coffee shop you can buy a Nespresso machine. All you need to spend on if you have a Nespresso Machine are the coffee pods or coffee capsules. And since you will be dealing with coffee pods or capsules, the cleaning process will be easier. Once the machine is finished making your espresso, all you have to do is toss the empty pods in the recycle bin.

Easy to use

A Nespresso Machine is one of the easiest espresso machines to operate. Because all you need to do is refill the reservoir, insert the coffee pods and press a button so that your espresso will be made. If you want something quick and easy shot of espresso, a Nespresso Machine is the perfect appliance that you need. Some machines are even programmed to make your espresso in a certain schedule. Thanks to the advancement of technology, smart Nespresso Machines are made. There are a lot of people who are always on the go and always on the rush for work. They don’t have enough time to pull their shot of espresso from a basic espresso machine. This is why a Nespresso Machine is always there to make your shot while you are getting ready.

Different varieties of flavoring

One great thing about owning a Nespresso Machine is that you will have different kinds of flavors to choose from. You will no longer have to set your machine to a certain setup for it to produce a different kind of drink. All you have to do is choose from a wide selection of coffee pods and capsule flavors and place them inside the Machine. And whichever flavor you will choose, you will surely get the exact taste that it promises you. Because the ingredients inside the pod or capsule are measured accurately and the machine is programmed to produce a shot of espresso exactly the way it should be.

Nespresso machines are useless without the different coffee pods that carry different flavors. That is why there are also different series that Nespresso made so that you will be able to have a wider selection of flavor. But if you think that Nespresso coffee capsules or pods are too expensive, other brands produce Nespresso coffee maker compatible coffee pods and capsules. And on the bright side, you will get to discover more brands that offer another set of flavors for you to choose from.


Why waste time and penny from a coffee shop espresso where you can make one at home? Having your personal Nespresso maker will guarantee you that you will have the best tasting espresso that has the same or even better quality than those that are from a coffee shop. Plus, you get to have different flavors to choose from every day if you plan to hoard different varieties of coffee pods.

It will save you a lot of time and money if you get your own Nespresso coffee machine. Another thing is that you are eliminating the use of paper cups and cup covers that are a few of the contributions to garbage pollution. If you want your drink to go, you can always have your coffee flask or just finish your drink from your cup at home.

Already deciding which one you should buy? If you are wondering which Nespresso Machine is the best, bellow is a list of the best Nespresso Machines in the market. Each of them has a different feature and has a different setting. Just choose which one you think suits your lifestyle and your espresso preference.

Top 7 Nespresso Machines for 2020

Breville-Nespresso Creatista

Breville is an espresso machine brand that is known in the coffee industry for a while now. This brand collaborated with Nespresso to spread the use of coffee pods and capsules. The Breville-Nespresso Creatista Plus  is not just a nespresso machine. It is both a nespresso machine and an espresso-based drink maker. Even though you are using different kinds of flavors of coffee pods, you can still make a cup of cappuccino if you want. This machine functions as a Nespresso Machine that has a milk frother for you to create different frothing level for a drink that you need. A milk frother that comes with the nespresso machine can take your espresso drink to a whole new level. Because with milk that is frothed properly, you can create different kinds of latte art.

You will have 8 different texture levels if you want to froth your milk and add it to your drink. Also, with the help of the 11 different milk temperatures, you will be sure that you will get the right texture that you need. The heating time of this machine will only take 3 seconds. This means that you can make a shot after a shot quickly. Some machines come with a push-button operating system. But with the Breville you will have a touchscreen display where you can see your options in making your espresso. And since this is a super-automatic machine, it can do a self-cleaning process.

All you need to do is the general cleaning of this machine where at least every few months you open up the machine and get everything cleaned. Another great thing about this kind of Nespresso machine is that it has a high-pressure pump of an adjustable 19-bar setup. This is to get the delicate flavor and aroma of the capsule that you will be using.

Nespresso by DeLonghi ENV135GYAE

DeLonghi is an appliance brand known for its different kinds of espresso machines and coffee makers. DeLonghi and Nespresso collaborated to form different kinds of coffee makers that have different features. One of which is the Nespresso by DeLonghi ENV135GYAE Coffee and Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Milk Frother. This machine uses VertuoLine pods which allows the machine to automatically recognize the pod and create a certain blend that you prefer. Barcodes are found under the rim of the capsule so that it will be easier for the machine to detect what kind of flavor that the capsule is and to make sure it will deliver the best-tasting espresso. Another thing about this machine is that it uses a centrifuging extraction where it spins the Vertuo capsule up to 7,000 per minute.

The purpose of this is to properly blend the grounds inside the coffee with water to create the perfect crema texture and for you to enjoy. One thing that this machine has that the others don’t is its ability to make five different cup sizes on any kind of drink that you want to have. You have the option of an Alto, coffee, grand lungo, double espresso, and espresso sizes. Whichever size you choose, the machine will do its adjustments so that you will be able to enjoy the coffee rich tasting drink that you need. Another thing about this machine is that you will not just get the nespresso maker but you will also get an Aeroccino Milk Frother. It is a separate machine that froths your milk however you want to.

This is to add a perfect finish if you make yourself a cup of cappuccino or latte. It is a small milk frother that is perfect for a single served drink. And its hand-held size, you will also be comfortable in making your latte art. If you decide to purchase this machine you will receive a complimentary gift. You will get 16 Vertuo pods that come in different flavors. This is for you to experience the different specialties that this machine can offer you. Also, it is for you to discover which flavor will suit your espresso taste.

Nespresso by DeLonghi EN530SL Lattissima Plus

Here is another machine that DeLonghi and Nespresso made together, the EN530SL Lattissima Plus. It is a coffee maker that can also make lattes and cappuccinos. It is similar to an espresso machine but it only uses Nespresso capsules instead of coffee grounds. The way this machine work is similar to the other nespresso makers. The only difference is the detachable milk frother.

There are some machines require a specific kind of milk that you need to use. But with this machine, you can make use of any kind of milk that you have. And you can make the necessary adjustments on the forth however you want to meet the frothing level you need. If you are in the mood for an espresso, you can always have it with a simple push of a button. There are also other beverage options that you can choose from. If you want to select either of the beverages all you have to do is press a button of the drink of your choice.

The machine is programmed to do all the mixing and frothing for you. If you want to have the guaranteed aroma of the drink you want, the 19-bar pressure will help you achieve that. This is to extract all of the delicate flavors inside the capsule and place everything in your cup. What’s amazing is that everything will be done less than a minute. And with only 40s of water heating time, you can make a lot of shots in a short period. There are times after we make a few cups of cappuccino and a few shots of espresso, we tend to forget in turning off the machine. With the Lattissima Plus, it has an energy-saving program that automatically shuts off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Nespresso by DeLonghi EN80BAE Inissia

Here is another machine that Nespresso and Delonghi made, the EN80BAE Inissia Original Espresso Machine Bundle. It is similar to the ENV135GYAE Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother. Only that the Inissia is smaller inbuilt and has programmed buttons of Espresso and Lungo. The compact design of this machine is perfect for those who are living in a small condominium or small apartments. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Even though this machine is small, it has the best features that other great models have.

It has a highly adjustable pressure pump of 19 bars so that you will be able to make the shot of espresso barista style. Also, with its Aeroccino milk frother, you will be able to choose from three different frothiness levels for your milk if you want to make a cup of latte or cappuccino. And just like most of the machines that Nespresso and Delonghi made, this machine also has an energy-saving feature. If the machine is not being used within 9 minutes it automatically switches off.

There is no need to worry if you want to use the machine after it automatically switches off. This is because the heating process will only take 25 seconds after you turned it on. Therefore, you can still make a shot of espresso as quick as possible even after it automatically shuts off.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is another small and yet very useful coffee machine. It is simple to use that can give you the right amount of espresso that you need for the day. It has an easy insertion and ejection of the capsules on the top part of the machine. This machine also has the 19-bar high-pressure pump that is responsible for the brewing process to make sure that you will be able to get the full extent of the crema and flavor from the capsule.

Another thing about this machine is that it has a water tank alert. There are machines where you will have to watch over the water reservoir for you to know when you will refill it. but with the Pixie Espresso Maker, it will light up if the water is below the minimum level. This is to make sure that the water tank is always filled with water and for it not to have any damages if the water runs out. And just like the other machines that Nespresso made, the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker also has an automatic shut off system.

This is to conserve energy and also to give the machine a bit of rest. Since this machine uses coffee pods, you will receive a complimentary gift from Nespresso. You will have 16 pods with different flavors to try. And if you are new to the Nespresso world, this is a perfect start for you to discover the different kinds of flavors that you might want to have forever.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine is one of the most loved machines by many coffee lovers. This is because of its simple design and its user-friendly features. Genio 2 is one of the go-to machines that anyone can have. It has an adjustable 15-bar high pressure that is made to make use of the full benefits that the coffee pod has inside. If you are into cold drinks, this machine can give you any cold caffeinated drink you want. Just choose between the hot and cold buttons then you are good to go.

Whether you want to have a lungo, grande, cappuccino, or a latte macchiato in hot or cold, this machine will do it for you. It is programmed to have all beverages taste good at any temperature you want. This machine can make whatever caffeinated beverage you want. And with the different flavors that coffee pods have, you will be able to discover that a certain drink can be good whether it is hot or cold. Also, the machine is very easy to use. Just like any other other nespresso coffee maker all you have to do is insert the capsule, make sure that the water tank has enough water, choose between the hot or cold button and choose whatever drink you want to have.

Breville-Nespresso USA BES 750BLK

The development of modern technology is growing very fast. Our mobile phones can even do a lot more programs than the computer used in the Apollo Mission. This is why Breville-Nespresso USA BES 750BLK is a special kind of espresoo maker that you may encounter. This machine looks like a fancy nespresso machine, but it has something more it can give you aside from the way it looks. It has a Bluetooth feature where you can connect it to your phone. Some people are following a tight schedule. They are always on time for everything.

Even when it comes to having a coffee break or taking the first sip of coffee in the morning. The Bluetooth connectivity between this machine and your phone allows you to set the desired schedule where the machine will automatically make a drink for you. This a perfect machine for those who want to wake up and grab a shot of espresso or a cup of cappuccino without the effort of making it. This machine doesn’t just make espressos and espresso-based drinks. For the first time, Breville and Nespresso created a this home appliance that can also make a cup of Americano. There is a 3-temperature setting in this machine to suit your preferred coffee temperature. The machine will be the one to adjust on how to mix all of the ingredients according to the temperature you’ve set.

The extraction system of this machine will give you an adjustable 19-bar pressure. This is to extract the full aroma and crema of the contents inside the coffee capsule or pods. This machine also comes with an Aeroccino Milk Frother which is a perfect tool for you to use if you are going to make a cup of cappuccino or latte. There are three frothing levels for you to choose from so that you can also get creative with your latte art.


Our love for espresso has been growing over the years. Most especially that nespresso made it easier for us to have a shot of espresso in the comfort of our homes. We no longer need to go out and spend a lot of money in coffee shops. A Nespresso machine is considered as the best appliance that we can own. Because all of the nespresso coffee makers are very easy to use and clean. We no longer have to worry about refilling coffee bean containers, grinding the beans, placing the ground beans in another container, etc.

With the simple insertion of a coffee pod or capsule in the machine, you are good to go because the machine will do the rest for you. Although there are machines that come with a milk frother, this is because you have the option to make a cup of cappuccino or latte. All of these machines can give you the best espresso that has the same quality as the ones in the coffee shop. What you need to do is to choose which machine you think will fit your lifestyle and kind of espresso that you drink. Do a little bit of research about this machine that you are eyeing on before purchasing.

One of the biggest reasons why Nespresso Machines are the best appliance when it comes to espressos, it is because of its ability to give you a rich and bold kick of caffeine in your espresso. And this is why espressos from Nespresso Machines are the best.

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