Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machines 2020

Machines are made to make our lives easier. Instead of exerting a lot of manual effort, we have the machine to do all of the heavy work for us. This is the reason why we get to enjoy the different things that we have today like our home appliances. Without these types of machinery, how will we be able to multitask? One of the most common machines that a person owns is an espresso machine. During the first few years of the first espresso machine, it requires manual effort to pull that perfect shot of espresso.

It requires a skilled barista who knows the exact amount of pressure to exert to extract the right taste of an espresso. But in the long run, people are tired of doing all of the work. As the years go by, technology has improved a lot of things. Most especially the things that are found in the kitchen. From a manual espresso maker, we now have a super-automatic espresso machine that does almost everything for us to have a nice shot of espresso.

These are the Top 5 Super Automatic Espresso Makers in 2020

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

DeLonghi ESAM3300  is a 2-in-1 machine that any coffee lover would want to have. This machine can make different kinds of coffee-based drinks that you can think of. With creativity in mixing the ingredients, you will have your favorite drink in no time. This machine has an easy-to-use rotary and a push-button panel where you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your drink. Also, the bean container can hold up to 8.8 ounces of coffee grounds. This means that you don’t have to constantly refill the coffee bean container.

It has a coffee bean instant grinder so that you will not have to manually grind the beans for your drink. When it comes to grinding the beans, you have 13 adjustable settings to achieve the maximum freshness of your drink. This machine also comes with a milk frother where the frothing nozzle can be swiveled for your convenience. One great thing about a super-automatic espresso machine is that you can program your drinks to the machine. It remembers your preferred drink so that it will be easier for you to have it when you need it.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

What makes Gaggia Brera Super Automatic special than most of the espresso machines in the market is its built-in grinder most of the grinders of the different kinds of espresso machines are made of stainless steel. We know that espresso machines heat up because of its purpose in making your shot of espresso or cup of coffee. And this will lead to high temperatures inside the machine. The grinder will be one of the parts of the machine that will be affected.

If the stainless-steel grinder is overheated, there is a huge tendency that the coffee beans inside will be burned. Burnt coffee grounds will greatly affect the taste of your drink. Gaggia uses ceramic coffee grinding containers and blades. The ceramic material is known to regulate high temperatures where heat is distributed evenly. This material also keeps the beans warm and unaffected by the high heat in the machine. The process of making your espresso with this machine is similar to most of the other super-automatic machines.

It comes with a Pannarello Steam Wand for you to make specialty beverages with milk or have our drink at a certain temperature. And with its simple interface, you will be able to customize your brewing.

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Machine

If you are a fan of decaffeinated drinks, the Delonghi ECAM22110SB is the perfect machine for you. It can roast beans according to your preference. With the help of the 13 adjustable grinding setting of this machine, you are in full control of how you want your beans to be.

This machine comes with a milk frother as well if you prefer to have a cup of a creamy cappuccino or have fun with latte art. Since you are in control of how you want your beans to be, you can customize your drinks by programing your preference. The machine will automatically remember the detail of your preferred drink so that you will no longer have to set up the machine whenever you want to have a drink.

Saeco Incanto Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Here is another super-automatic machine that uses ceramic grinders; Saeco Incanto . You will have 5 grinder settings with this machine so that you will be able to have your beans ground according to the way you want it. With a push of a button, your drink will be made in less than a minute. You will have different settings to choose from if you want to have a specific kind of drink. And with the help of the built-in milk frother, you will have that velvety milk texture in your drink. This is a plus for those who love to do latte art.

Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8

What makes the Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 unique are its adjustable milk frother nozzle and coffee dripper. This is to accommodate all cup sizes and making it easier for you to fill in your cup no matter what size you have. There is an LCD screen on the frontal part of the machine for you to navigate and set up the drink that you want to have. And like most super-automatic machines, you can input the kind of drink that you want to have. And this machine will serve you a barista-grade drink once you are used to setting it up.

What is a super-automatic espresso machine?

A super-automatic espresso machine is one of the easiest espresso machines to operate. Some of the old versions of espresso machines require you to do a lot of pulling, refilling of tanks and containers and even cleaning. Super-automatic machines are made to make your life easier when it comes to making your favorite shot of espresso. It is designed to create your espresso without a hassle and give you the drink exactly the way you want it.

Some automatic espresso machines have built-in LCD screens so that you will be able to program your favorite drink. There are even somewhere you can connect it to your phone and have a scheduled time when you want to have espresso made. It is a perfect feature for those people who are always on the rush but still wants to have a nice cup of coffee or a shot of espresso in the morning.

These machines are also made to make your espresso faster than the other machines. Because there is less human effort, it should be able to serve you with the perfect caffeinated drink that you deserve.

What is the best coffee bean for automatic espresso makers?

We all know that coffee tastes bitter without the cream and sugar. The bitterness will depend on the roasting process of the beans. Lightly roasted beans mean that the caffeine kick is not as strong as the medium roasted beans. The medium roasted beans, on the other hand, is mildly bitter. You will start to feel the caffeine kick with this type of roasting. And finally, we have the dark roasted beans, dark roasted beans are usually oily because the heat from all of the roasting extracted most of the caffeine content of the beans. If you want to have a very bitter coffee, dark roast beans are the ones for you.

Although there are different types of roasted beans for you to choose from, not all are good for super-automatic espresso machines. For example, the dark roasted beans, the oil outside these beans can clog the internal passageways of your espresso machine. This goes the same with the flavored beans and artificial aroma beans. The flavoring of your beans is usually added to the beans after it is being roasted, the same goes with the artificial aroma.

The best beans for your super-automatic espresso machine are the medium to lightly roasted beans. This is because they are not oily and they will not clog your machine. Though some dark roasted beans are less oily, you might still want to avoid them just to be sure. It is best to feel the beans by hand to check if they have oil or not to prevent any clogging in your machine.


Thanks to modern technology, we can enjoy the different kinds of appliances that can help us with our daily lives. Most especially the super-automatic machines. Without this machine, we will still be doing a lot of things before we get to enjoy the taste of caffeine. Although manually making your espresso is nice, it will make you feel like a pro. But nowadays it is no longer practical. We are always in a hurry and we need coffee first thing in the morning. And for this to happen, we need a machine that allows us to do what we need to do while it is brewing our espresso.

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