Top Espresso Machine Brands

Drinking a shot of espresso is also considered healthy. Because caffeine has a lot of health benefits. The first advantage is that it strengthens long-term memory, retains it and helps you concentrate. this is why drinking a shot of espresso before a huge test is a good thing. Next is that it gives your body antioxidants. We know that antioxidants are good for our general health. Because it prevents diseases because of its anti-inflammatory feature. And with the help of hydro cinnamic acids, it can help neutralize the free radicals that we encounter every day.

And lastly, have you noticed that your heart pups twice as much after a shot? You don’t need to worry about this because it is a good thing. A shot of espresso will let you be more productive during the day. Buying a shot of espresso from your local coffee shop is great, this can help you get through the day. But will it be worth it going to the coffee shop every day spending money on a single shot of espresso? Why not consider buying your espresso machine?

When it comes to buying stuff, there are some things that a buyer must take into consideration. The quality, the brand and the function. There are different kinds of espresso machine brands in the market to choose from. All of them serve the same purpose, each one of them gives us the best quality shot of espresso that we desire. There is a huge advantage if we purchase our espresso maker. We get to play with the flavor of our coffee and we can customize the smoothness level of our coffee.

If you are new to the coffee world, there are different kinds of machines that you can use to make that amazing cup of coffee that you always love. But the most famous machine is the espresso machine. Below are the top espresso machine brands. This can give you a little heads up to what these brands deliver.


DeLonghi is a famous brand from Italy. They have been in the appliance industry since the 1950s. They are known for the way they craft each of their appliances. DeLonghi will make sure that every product that they made will always look good and have the best quality. Now they have partnered with different companies in making different kinds of appliances. And DeLonghi is famous for its food processing appliances. Few of these appliances are the Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers. They have crafted different kinds of it to match every person’s coffee preference. And with their high-quality espresso machines, it will surely deliver great-tasting espresso and espresso-based coffee. This brand has been known as the authentic contender in the world of coffee making. And since coffee is one of the best drinks in Italy, DeLonghi was able to extract the greatness of the coffee taste.


Gaggia is also another brand that contributed to the coffee machine world. This brand started in 1938 and got established in 1948. the first machines they used was just for local and commercial use by the founder Achille Gaggia. And eventually, his coffee machines spread throughout Europe. This brand is one of the brands that made automatic and super-automatic espresso machines. This is the reason why there are some espresso machines functions as a coffee maker and an espresso machine at the same time. And another thing is that most of these machines can make different kinds of espresso-based beverages. It made a huge impact in the coffee world. A lot of coffee shops are slowly converting their traditional methods in making coffee to the then-new coffee making machine. Up to this date, we are still using these machines with modern technology.


Breville is a popular appliance brand from Australia. They are also popular for their small kitchen appliances. Breville has become a terminology similar to Kleenex. If you want a Kleenex, you will get a tissue. But if you want a Breville, you will get a coffee machine or an espresso machine. But before they stepped in the coffee industry, this brand started as a mine detecting radios for WWII and eventually they stepped into making televisions. In the long run, this brand decided to focus more on the appliances that are needed in the kitchen. They want to satisfy housewives with a well-functioning kitchen appliance. this way it will be easier for the women to do their kitchen duties. And here comes the coffee maker and the espresso machine that most coffee shops use.


Nespresso is one of the youngest brands when it comes to espresso making. They started in the year 1986. This brand is owned by Nestle and we know Nestle produced different kinds of products. And one of these products is coffee. And for them to satisfy their customer’s coffee cravings, they decided to create their coffee maker and espresso machine. In 1986 was the year of experimentation. It is the year where they tested different kinds of ways to make good coffee. And years after that they perfected the right way in making coffee. They are still selling their coffee maker and espresso machines in the market. They even have the Nespresso Capsules. These capsules come in different kinds of flavors. This is to make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy a good tasting espresso.

Mr. Coffee Café Bar Barista

Mr. Coffee Café Bar Barista is known for its easy-to-use system. Their main goal is to make everyone feel as if they are baristas. Because their machines are capable of producing coffee shop quality coffee. But this time everyone can make this kind of coffee at home. Also, their machines are not as expensive as others. With a budget of 200$, you will be able to get a very decent espresso machine and coffee maker. The built of their machines are considered as the best in the coffee world. Also, anyone can own them because of the affordability and it sits perfectly in any kitchen countertop.


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